IVI Collection  - the story

In 2009, Corinna Lindemann-Berk and Ivonne Chantal Beneke-Eidmann realised their vision:
a distinctive collection in which every piece is destined to become a favourite. What began with exclusive beach wear, silk tunics and scarves, has evolved within a very short time into a 200-piece collection.

Above all, the IVI Collection is renowned for its rich variety of prints, which combined with timeless basics such as sportive skirts, trousers, jackets and knits, create a distinctive look. Every outfit creates a feminine silhouette with comfortable cuts and highest quality materials for a sporty style with clear lines and elaborate details.

Every single piece is carefully designed and transformed by the perfect craftsmanship of key details into a luxurious and simultaneously casual collection.

All prints and embroideries are exclusively developed in the studio in Cologne and reflect the brand’s unique signature.